It has become clear as we exit the Covid 19 trepidation and move on into so many other causes for concern that those that want to exterminate or decimate humanity are doing their best to make that happen.

There can be no doubt now that the awakening pre-empted by the bio weapons of the pandemic, is set to be even more scary and widespread than we could have imagined a few years ago. While most of us were just doing our lives and making sure our families were fed and educated, planning has been under way to make sure we are exterminated at worst, dehumanised, controlled, starved, manipulated by weather machines, and arsonists into submission. All we value and trust is being stripped from our daily lives and in South Africa, the added manipulation of our power to beat home the point that we are not in control of any minute of our day, is causing a massive depression and hopelessness like never seen before in the country. We fought against Zuma’s fire pool, we protested him out of power, we had bikers mass in their thousands to stop farm murders… we had hope and fight. Today the country is more than broken as the people have lost their will to fight for their rights.

If they have not been subjected to isolation, remote working, joblessness and soaring prices, then they were victims of a dastardly plan to make them forever ill in the name of fighting a disease which never was so dangerous after all. Whom can we trust now? Wherein lies the truth for us boertjies who just like a good barrel fire, a brandy and coke and a braai on a sunday after church.

We, like others around the world, are losing our fight because it seems we dont ‘think we have a chance against this massive onslaught that is well planned, thought out, orchestrated and quite obviously saturated in evil.

So what now? Thinking long and hard on how to fight the groomers of our children, the destroyers of our families and our very basic rights, the only conclusion is this will be a battle of numbers. Enough people need to become aware of what awaits them if they do not garnish the fight left in them now. Whatever spark is still there needs to be shared to inspire others, and to make people aware of what is actually awaiting us if we do not fight back in knowledge and understanding of what we now face. We need to spread the message that is hope and a better future if we want to make sure that we are not literally annhilated. All around me the people are ill. The vaccinated as stroking out, having heart issues, and lung clots, leg clots and even blindness. To discuss the reality of the jab is now futile as it is common and general knowledge it was and is bad. It caused and is causing death and terrible disabilities and illnesses and no one is actually saying this is so in any media,medical fraternity or government. You are on your own with your injuries. No one cares and in fact they are happy the numbers are climbing as that is the aim. Believe it or not….this is no longer a theory. It has been proven to anyone who has any common sense. That discussion has passed. What we now need to get to more than anything else is how to stand up and make sure that we are not closing our eyes to what is being planned and implemented. Community is where it begins and we need this site to be our starting point for making fellow south africans aware. I am already pretty proud that only 30% or us did the jab… we are doers and action men. Now is the time to put our fight back on. Tell your colleagues. Tell your families. We need to gather around and get the discussions going again. We have no hero, no Alex Jones, or Petzer here any more. The media continue to paint the NWO picture so we need to step up and make sure that the word is spreading and that we prepare for that battle which could be the toughest of our lives. I have no doubt we are already engaged in WW3. This is just the beginning of an epic struggle. I would even go as far as saying it cannot be fought with violence or guns, but I wouldnt exclude that, but it is the age-old war between that which is good and right against that which is wrong and evil. It could be what defines your existence and the continued survival of your children and grandchildren. This is not at all dramatic… just true.