The world is teetering on the edge of insanity. While the media still continue to push through the narrative of vaccines, climate change and price hikes because it’s all Putin’s fault, the mind spins.  Where will this take us ordinary and organised little people who sought little more than a nice cup of coffee in the morning, an easy commute to work and a pleasant but interesting working day with a laugh or two with colleagues. 

Where are our colleagues in this fragmented and torn script left after a mere two and a half years of abject awfulness ?  We have none. We have either opted to work from home and hollow ourselves in front of a computer in a dark and sombre room, or our colleagues no longer want to talk, discuss or comment on any of our concerns about new world order, world health regimens, and the increasing death that saps the hope around us. 

Pushed into an ever darkening cloud of horror by authorities and madness of those in charge of making up the new rules, the ordinary man is left with the feeling of dread and powerlessness to change his impending and horrifying future. 

The insanity is more than creeping in. It pervades the masks we had to wear which were wet with saliva and germs. It crawls on the skin of those who touch us or dare to hug. The knocking of elbows was a thing.  The loss of life in empty hospital corridors made the goodbyes we so needed to be impossible and heartbreaking.  

While this has damaged so many and left scars on the very relationships and friendships we once treasured, the lonely road forward seems inevitable even though we know with a certainty that if there is no gathering of like minds, no concerted congregation of rebellion, that we are doomed.  The transition from our empty and bland lonesomeness to encompass and move along the millions we need to stop this madness is going to be difficult.  That is why we started this website. This is where we need to gather and share our news, our views and our aims.  This is where we will discuss and re create our forgotten humanity.  Here is the place to cry, to rejoice and to pull together like never before regardless of any kind of superficial divisions. If we fail here, we will slip into the chasm which awaits us with absolute certainty. I invite you South Africans especially since you have already resisted like gallant warriors in your own way.  Now we need to join forces with others around the world. Come…. This is the final call .. or we fall.