8/02/2023 // Ethan Huff

Over the weekend, tens of thousands of screaming fanatics attended a racist event in South Africa at which loud, screaming chants of “Kill the whites!” and “Kill the white farmer!” could be heard reverberating throughout the massive stadium.

The photo below shows a packed-out FNB Stadium in Soweto full of white-hating racists who are members of the Marxist-led “Economic Freedom Fighters,” headed up by Julius Malema and supported by at least 90,000 of what “Not the Bee” calls “his genocidal pals.”

The purpose of these calls for murder is supposedly to right the racist wrongs of the past by committing even more wrongs, specifically against people with light skin who are seen by these angry blacks as evil devils who deserve to be eradicated.

Check out the following video clip of the event to see for yourself what the anti-white racists in South Africa are doing and calling for:

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Elon Musk, a South Africa native, wants to know why President Cyril Ramaphosa has said nothing about these calls for white genocide

South African native Elon Musk commented on Twitter about the event, asking South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa what he has to say about what was chanted and screamed throughout the stadium.

“They are openly pushing for genocide of white people in South Africa,” Musk wrote. “@CyrilRamaphosa, why do you say nothing?”

It must be stressed again that South Africa, home to 60 million people, is bursting at the seams with corruption and evil. The nation is on the verge of a total “collapse” amid rolling blackouts and other infrastructure failures that really started to become a problem as the country embraced an anti-white ethos.

Right now, South Africans are being advised to have at least 72 hours of food and water on hand as some of the rolling blackouts are lasting for 12 hours or longer, which is leading to even more chaos.

In its efforts to “decarbonize,” South Africa is rapidly becoming a third world country marked by rampant poverty, crime, and anti-white racism at every turn.

“I could define Marxism as jealousness and vengeance on steroids, and it never works,” commented the editor of Not the Bee, which reported on the ongoing collapse of South Africa.

“Good luck, South Africa.”

If we are not careful, the same anti-white genocide protocols being pushed in South Africa will make their way to the United States, which is already well on its way towards normalizing anti-white genocide.

On Twitter, someone wrote that what took place at FNB Stadium does not represent the views held by South Africa’s 60 million people.

“Everyone has their own preference,” this same person added. “If watching a politician being lifted into the air on a hydraulic stand gives you the kick then good for you. Let’s meet on ballot papers.”

Another wrote that the event was all the racists in South Africa “gathered in one space singing songs about killing farmers,” and that such a sentiment will not garner as much support as those behind the demonstration expect it to.

Anti-white racism is spreading like a virus and reaching pandemic levels. Learn more at AntiWhite.news.

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